All Nations Church Praise Team

Our Pastor and First Lady

Pastor All Nations C.O.G.I.C.

Pastor Chester Cameron, Deacon Vincent Williams(Left), Deacon Reggie Thomas(Right), Deacon Cedric Mullins (Absent)

Church Mothers

Our Pastor and First Lady

All Nations Church New Members Class 2014

Missionary Priscilla Graves - Youth Ministry Coordinator

All Nations Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Sister Trina Waters - Minister of Music

Sister Kenya McCallum, Deacon Vincent Williams, Missionary Priscilla Graves

Elder Wayne Henderson & Mother Jessie Henderson

Left: Li' Yonna McCallum

Center: Sister Taylor Carter

Right: Brother Brandon Hearne

Young Adult Ministry

Elder Orlando Waters & Mother Trina Waters

Mother Pinkie Greer - Asst. Church Mother

Mother Nellie Toney, Mother Helen Bridges,

Mother Beulah Smith

Left Front: Mother Nellie Toney - Advisor

Right Front: Mother Helen Bridges 

Left Rear: Sister Loukecia Evans - new member, Pastor Chester Cameron, First Lady Teresa Cameron, Sister Temika Thomas - new member, Deacon Reggie Thomas - new member

All Nations Church of God in Christ