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Holy Bible: Easy-to-Read Version


The Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) is an English translation of the Bible by Bible League International. It was originally published as the English Version for the Deaf (EVD) by Baker Books.

Why a Bible especially for the deaf? Deaf readers struggled with reading because sign language is their first language. Bible League created a translation to make reading the Bible easier for them. The EVD used simpler vocabulary and shorter sentences. One of the basic ideas that guided the work was that a good translation is good communication.

Today, Bible League International’s Translation Division works on this same premise—good translation IS good communication.  And now there are easy-to-read Bibles in 30 different languages, making God’s Word available to people worldwide.

Why have Easy-to-Read Scriptures around the world? The Scriptures are written in everyday language, helping to ensure people have access to a Bible they can easily understand. In addition, because Bible League International is committed to making God’s Word available to all, Easy-to-Read™ translations are available for free in PDF format at

 A hardcopy version of the Bible is also available for purchase at All Nations Book Store or Bible League International’s online Book Store at

The Power of God’s WORD, the ERV—A Personal Testimony from Pastor Chester Cameron, All Nations Church

Recently, I went on a trip to Mexico City. I saw first-hand how the ERV Bible touched the lives of the deaf, mute, illiterate, and new believers. They desperately longed to know Jesus, to draw close to Him, to know Him—and the ERV Bible helped to make that possible.

Yes, the ERV is a Bible—paper and ink. But, when the Holy Spirit deals in the hearts of people giving them a hunger for the Word, the ERV helps to make reading the Word less complicated, easy to grasp.

While, there are many translations for people to choose from around the world, the one people use to best connect with God, the one they want to read and engage with, that’s the one they should choose. I recommend that if you don’t have a Bible or are a new believer, you try the ERV Bible. The Easy-to-Read Bible is written in simple English, making it very easy to understand.

It is also useful for advanced Bible scholars, it can serves as a great addition to your Biblical resources, helping to simplify and clarify Scriptures often challenging to understand or interpret.

I am also in favor of the King James Version.

I want to leave you with this simple truth. A Bible is critical to a successful Christian walk. So, go to God. Ask Him for wisdom and guidance on choosing the best Bible translation for you, the one that will help you to draw closer to Him. You may find that He points you to the ERV Bible.

I pray you’ll take every opportunity to delve into the pages of the Bible, asking God to apply His Word to your heart and every aspect of your life. Enjoy your time with God. Enjoy reading your Bible!

To learn more about the Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) Bible, please visit Bible League International’s online Book Store at