All Nations Church of God in Christ 


The Auxiliaries of All Nations COGIC are designated to minister to the needs of both the church family and the community at large . To educate and train in ministry pursuits as well as in the professional arena. Please browse through our list below to see what we have to offer.  

Sunday School Department teaches bible lessons to all age levels, it focuses on various Biblical topics for the spiritual growth of those who attend. Sunday School is also evangelical in its teaching of the Gospel of salvation to all who attend. "A Child Saved is a Soul Saved, Plus a Life"

Women's Department is committed to meeting the diverse needs of women in the church by providing encouragement at conferences, fellowships and other special events. 

Music Department is established to minister to the people through music and songs of faith ministered through the power of God. Our mission is to create an atmosphere that will usher in the Holy Spirit to prepare the minds of the people to receive the Word of God.

Deacons are the administrative assistants to the Pastor in the matter of temporal affairs in the congregation and receive their directions from the Pastor. The Deacons receive the funds given for the support of the ministry under the direction of the Pastor, they are also lay preachers in the Church and thus are enjoined by the scripture to be "apt to teach". In the absence of Elders, under the direction of the Pastor, a deacon may be assigned to minister in the congregation. The Deacons are the spiritual assistants to the Shepherd of the Flock and their title implies "servant"; therefore, our deacons serve the congregation in temporal and spiritual matters whenever feasible and as directed by the shepherd. 

Youth Department mission is to nurture the individual as a whole person. It is our endeavor to enrich our youth mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. We purpose to lend spiritual support to believers in Christ and to teach the non-believer by our living example through the Word of God. 

Pastor Aide role is to endeavor to be an aid to the pastor. Our mission is to support the Pastor beyond providing the obvious necessities by anticipating his administrative and personal require granting his requests. 

Evangelist Department endeavor is to promote strong Christian families in order to create an atmosphere that nurtures positive relationships, In conjunction with our worship of God, we want to serve our communities to foster cultural relevance with scriptural integrity while retaining the translations of our Pentecostal Heritage.